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How Trauma Impacts the Pregnant Body: An East Meets West Approach

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Manifest Life is a trauma-informed prenatal yoga and healing series designed to inspire and empower pregnant people to heal, to be fully embodied along their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys, and to be deeply connected to their beautiful humanness.


As pregnant people we are dynamic and powerful. The generative wisdom of our wombs, is truly the power source that sustains this Universe- the wellspring of life itself and a reflection of Divinity in this earthly realm.

A lot of pregnant people don’t recognize their power, don’t feel they have a voice and that it matters in their own process, and in fact feel disempowered in their pregnancy, silencing their desires, ignoring their intuition, and handing over their fate to others.

Birth can be an incredible experience, a spiritual and unifying experience, it can be an ecstatic experience, an empowering experience but it can be traumatic, and there is work we can do beforehand to set intentions, to heal, to have the best birth outcomes for us.

I believe each pregnant person gets to choose their own path but I want pregnant people to know that they do have choices, that their voice matters, that they are the authority of their own bodies.

Manifest Life is like therapy plus yoga, for pregnancy and birth and postpartum preparation. In addition to the eight, full-length, trauma-informed prenatal yoga video sequences, you get a therapeutic workbook to complete, filled with rich, detailed, journal prompts, reflective exercises that help us engage our minds, our bodies, and our souls as one.

My heart knows that the activities in the workbook are incredibly effective and incredibly healing because I’ve seen them create tremendous shifts within the minds, bodies and hearts of the people I serve, and they’ve been so profoundly healing for me personally.

I know that many pregnant people have had traumatic births in the past, or they’re embodying fear about birth or doubt about their body’s abilities. When we take time to heal our past traumas, metabolize traumatic memory from our bodies, examine our beliefs and values, reconnect to our sense of Self, and align with our soul’s purpose, we show up in our bodies and in our pregnancies so differently. When it comes to birth, arriving to the occasion intentionally, we can evolve and grow through the experience. When we live consciously and are devoted to our healing, we break a cycle of intergenerational suffering, rewriting the legacy for our future selves, our offspring and the generations to come.

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Registration for the Course Includes:

Therapeutic Prenatal Workbook

A 96-page therapeutic workbook to complete, filled with rich, detailed, journal prompts & reflective exercises that help us engage our minds, our bodies, and our souls as one. Examples of journal prompts relate to exploring fear and conditioning around birth, healing a past birth, cutting cords with those who have harmed our wombs, and healing the mother wound. 

To get a preview of our workbook click here

On-Demand Video Yoga Sequences

Eight, full-length, trauma-informed prenatal yoga video sequences.

And Lots More

  • Audio meditations and healing practices
  • On-Demand educational info sessions about yogic philosophy and birth
  • On-Demand videos related to trauma education, trauma's relationship to conception, pregnancy and postpartum, the psychology of the chakras, the chakra's relationship to pregnancy and postpartum
  • A free webinar on trauma and pregnancy
  • Guided self-regulation practices
  • A mantra/chant worksheet
  • Guidance around creating a sacred postpartum sanctuary plan

Hi, I’m Nityda.

I'm a licensed somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, registered yoga teacher, trauma-informed educator, the creator of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ and founder of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute. I'm passionate about trauma recovery, perinatal mental health and supporting parents-to-be along their healing journeys. Learn more at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga safe for pregnant people?

Yes! Many healthcare providers refer their clients to yoga as prenatal yoga can support pregnant people emotionally, physically, and spiritually. However, there are some conditions for which yoga is contraindicated. If you are new to yoga please consult with your healthcare provider before attempting the physical yoga sequences within this series. The therapeutic workbook activities provided in this series are appropriate for all people!

What happens immediately after I buy the series?

You will get immediate access. You’ll receive an email immediately with your login information.

How long will I have access to the online course?

Forever! You will have lifetime access to this course upon purchase. (The only exception is that if you register with a payment plan and fail to make your monthly payments, therefore not paying for the course in full, you will be removed from the course).

What is included in the course?

You get a 96-page therapuetic workbook with journal prompts, somatic practices, and reflective exercises to support your healing and embodiment. You get eight full-length, on-demand, yoga video sequences that include meditation, asana (physical practice) and pranayama (breathwork). You receive additional audio meditations and healing practices within each of the seven course sections. You receive on-demand educational info sessions about yogic philosophy, trauma education and its relationship to conception, pregnancy and postpartum, the psychology of the chakras and its relationship to pregnancy and postpartum, a free webinar on trauma and pregnancy, guided self-regulation practices, a mantra/chant worksheet, & guidance around creating a sacred postpartum sanctuary plan.

Are refunds available?

No, this is a non-refundable course.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You will see that this is the second payment option listed on this page.

Can I share my subscription with a friend or family member?

No. A single purchase of this course is intended for one individual person. We ask for your honesty and integrity here. We depend on your honesty and integrity so that we can continue to put out heart-centered and healing offerings and stay in practice as a small business.

Do I need props for this course?

No. If you have props (a blanket, block(s), and or bolster), Nityda will show you how to use them within the course but you can also use household items, like pillows, instead of yoga props.

How long does it take to complete this course?

This course it self-paced so it really depends on you. You may want to stick with on chapter of the therapuetic workbook and/or one asana class for a while before moving to the next. It is about what you need for your healing. You have lifetime access to the course.

Is this a prenatal yoga teacher training?

No. While a beautiful compliment to your prenatal yoga teacher training, this course is designed specifically for personal healing benefits and does not include modules on how to teach.

I am new to yoga. Can I take this series?

Yes! Nityda has designed this program to be appropriate for all experience levels. Nityda provides options for different stages of practice and ultimately, you will be guided to listen to what your body needs in the moment.

I am not pregnant, can I take this series?

Yes! Nityda created this healing course specifically for pregnant people. However, if you are trying to conceive or not pregnant you can definitely benefit from this series. Please be sure to consult your healthcare provider before attempting the physical yoga classes within this series. If you are early postpartum, please be mindful that the focus for early postpartum people (pelvic stability, core strength, etc) is different than that for pregnant people and so some of the practices in this series (like deep hip opening) will not be best for early postpartum people.